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Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies - Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies

The Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies Privacy policy

1. Preamble

The Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies understands that privacy is an important issue for individuals and believes that due respect for individual privacy is not only an important personal right but that it promotes sound relationships with the people and organisations with whom the Foundation deals.

2. Broad Guidelines

Privacy laws relate to
• the collection and use of personal information
• the accuracy, storage, updating and protection of personal information
• the use and disclosure of personal information
N.B. personal information held by The Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies is only the information supplied by applicants for Grants, as described in 3.1 below.

3. Procedures

3.1 Collection and use of information

Information collected would be that supplied by an organisation or individual in their application for a Grant from the Foundation. The information required on the application form includes an individual’s name, address and phone number and their position as the contact person for the organisation applying for a Grant. In addition, details of an individual child may be included in an application for a Grant to support a program to include that child and would only be included with parental permission.

Trustees of The Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies and the Forest Hill and Warrawong Advisory Committees are the only persons who have access to the applications and to the information provided therein. Trustees and Advisory Committee Members understand the importance and content of this privacy statement and maintain confidentiality about the information provided in applications.

3.2 Storage and protection of information

Application forms, including required information ( described in 3.1), are duplicated and distributed to all Trustees and Advisory Committee Members for the purpose of deciding who should receive a Grant. Trustees and Advisory Committee Members maintain the confidentiality of this information. Once decisions have been finalised about who will be given a Grant, the applications are securely stored for 12 months and then destroyed. A master sheet of applications is retained for archival purposes.

3.3 The use and disclosure of information

Information is used only as contact information in the Grant application to enable the Foundation to notify applicants about success or failure of their application. Disclosure of information to others would not involve detailed information without the consent of that person. A list of organisations who have received Grants, the amount they received and a description of the projects or programs funded by the Grant are given to the Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies, which is the auspicing body for the Foundation and this information is published in their newsletter.

The Foundation will not disclose individual’s information to a third party without that person’s consent. If a person’s information (i.e. the name and position of the applicant representing an organisation) was to be used in relation to any publicity about the Foundation, that person and organisation would be contacted for permission to use their name and position.

4. Contact for information

UP_ARROW.PNGIf further information is required about this privacy statement, contact The Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies at PO BOX 2297, FITZROY 3065