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Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies -

Warrawong Professional Learning grants Application Form

2021 Warrawong Learning Grants up to $10,000

The Warrawong fund supports not for profit early childhood services or organisations in Victoria to enable staff to undertake training or professional development in the field of early childhood, and projects and initiatives relating to the training and professional development of staff working in the field of early childhood.

NOTE: this form is for applications up to $10,000.

Funding may also be considered for projects greater than $10,000 if it is well documented and a fully detailed budget is provided.

Funding to successful grant applicants will not be disseminated until 1st July 2021.

1. Grants are available to Victorian not-for-profit early childhood services or organisations to provide professional learning opportunities for early childhood professionals within the service/organisation.

2. Priority will be given to those disadvantaged from participating in professional development due to geographic location, physical, personal, economic or social circumstances.

3. Applications must be lodged using this form by 5pm Monday 17th May 2021. The application form will be automatically disabled after this time.

5. This round of grants is for projects that must be completed by 30th June 2022.

6. This form can be saved and returned to at a later time- simply click the 'Save and resume later' feature at the bottom of the page. Once submitted, further edits are not able to be made.

7. All sections marked with * must be completed before applications can be submitted.

8. Applications by individuals will not be accepted.

9. Further information about the Warrawong Professional Learning Grant, Frequently Asked Questions and Grant Guidelines can be found at www.foresthillecf.org.au

10. If you have further queries, email info@foresthillecf.org.au - however note that this email address is accessed infrequently and normally during the grant period only.

11. Grant Applicants will be notified of outcomes by end June 2021.

12. Grant payments will be paid directly into the applicant's nominated bank account.

13. If funds are granted they are to be used for the purpose referred to in the application and cannot be used for any other purpose.

14. Successful grant recipients may not receive the full amount requested.

15. Due to the large volume of grant applications received, no correspondence will occur as to why applications are not successful.

16. If successful, you will receive a Warrawong Professional Learning Grant Activity Report, which must be completed and forwarded upon completion of the professional learning project.

17. If the professional development applied for does not go ahead by 30 June 2022, you need to inform the Foundation and seek approval of an extension to complete the project.

Note: this form is open from 1/03/2021 to 17/05/2021

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Section 1 - Declaration 
Confirm . .
You (the applicant) are a registered organisation in Victoria
The organisation is a not for profit organisation
The application is for the provision of professional learning opportunities for early childhood professionals in an organisation in Victoria
The organisation provides early childhood learning to children birth to 8 years of age who are disadvantaged or the organisation is disadvantaged due to geographic location, physical, personal, economic or social circumstances
The grant application demonstrates that the professional development application is for the overall benefit of the organisation
The grant application does not exceed $10,000
The nominated bank account is owned by the organisation, not an individual
If your organisation and application does not meet all of the above criteria, you do not meet the requirements for a grant and therefore you should not proceed
Section 2- service/organisation details 
What is the name of the service/organisation that is applying?
Type of service - eg. family day care, childcare centre, kindergarten, etc
What is your organisation's Australian Business Number (ABN)?
Address of organisation
Address line 2
Post code
Key contact person. Who is the contact person in regard to this application?
First name
Last Name
What position does this person hold in the service/organisation?
Confirm Email
Name of person representing the organisation who is authorising the application (if different from above).
Authorised person first name
Authorised person last name
Authorised person position
Bank Account details. WARNING: Incorrect bank details may result in grant monies not being received.
Name of Bank
The account must be owned by the organisation, not an individual.
Please indicate where you found out about the Warrawong Professional Learning Grants.
Indicate the number of people who will be directly involved in the professional learning.
Section 3 - Your application 
Complete each of the following items with a description of the specific professional learning for which funding is sought.
Description of what the professional learning involves
Maximum 150 words[]
Aims and objectives of the professional learning and how they will be met (at least one)
Maximum 200 words[]
Benefits you expect the professional learning will bring to the participant/s (at least one)
Maximum 200 words[]
Benefits you expect the learning will bring to the service/organisation (at least one)
Maximum 200 words[]
If applying for an accredited training/professional development program, indicate type of course and name of organisation/person delivering the program
Where will the professional learning take place?
Date and duration of the professional learning: If not known, an approximate date can be provided. Note: activities must be completed by 30/06/2022.
Date of professional learning
[Select date →]
Indicate which primary aspect of disadvantage your service/organisation/participating staff meet, OR which area of disadvantage the activity will assist with.
Area of disadvantage
Provide a brief and specific explanation as to how your service/organisation/staff is experiencing the disadvantage chosen.
Description of disadvantage
Maximum 200 words[]
Section 3 - Budget 
Provide a detailed breakdown of the budget including any fees, staffing, travel costs, related equipment etc. using the following format
ItemAmount requested
List co-contributors including your own organisation (if any) to the professional learning program followed by the amount contributed
Co-contributors amount $
This must equal the total of all budget items less any co-contributions (if any)
Total $
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Check list before submission 

Have you read the Guidelines?

Are your Bank Account details correct?

Have you provided an appropriately detailed budget?

Does your Activity occur between 01 July 2021 and 30 June 2022?