Established and endowed by AGECS (Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies)

Forest Hill Grants Application Guidelines

The Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies was established to provide funding for Services for, or otherwise benefit, those from disadvantaged backgrounds or necessitous circumstances in early Childhood.

The Foundation distributes grants for two purposes, one of which is the Forest Hill objectives. The Forest Hill objectives have an emphasis on projects for the well-being, education and care of young children (from birth to eight years). The majority of funds will be distributed to benefit young children resident in Victoria. This includes contributing to the education, care and welfare of young children and creating and developing a body of informed and up to date knowledge and opinion on early childhood development.

We make grants within Australia for:

  • projects involving children from birth to eight years
  • innovative projects that contribute to their education, care and well-being
  • provision of equipment and resources
  • development and publication of innovative resources and educational materials
  • research in early childhood development
  • priority will be given to projects that support children and families in necessitous circumstances (i.e. social disadvantage, disability, geographic isolation)

We do not fund:

  • projects involving children over eight years of age
  • building projects and maintenance
  • ongoing employment of staff
  • individuals
  • organizations operating for commercial gain

Receipt of applications:

  • Send seven (7) copies of the application to:
    PO BOX 2297,
    FITZROY VIC 3065
  • applications close on the due date stipulated on the application form
  • all applicants will be advised of the outcome by self-addressed letter provided by the applicant
  • the Trustees must notified if applicants receive funding for the same project from other sources

Applicants’ reports

  • At the conclusion of the project, a report will be required from successful applicants specifying the use of the funds. This feedback form can be accessed on-line, printed and sent to:
    PO BOX 2297,
    FITZROY VIC 3065

How will your grant be paid?

  • In 2017 we are discontinuing our practice of sending cheques through the mail. We will be paying direct into bank accounts.
  • Please ensure that we have the correct details of your organization’s banking details. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the banking details that have been recorded are correct. We do not take responsibility for retrieving funds that have been paid into an incorrect account where the details were given in error.


  • The support of the Foundation must be acknowledged for all projects funded by the Foundation.

PLEASE ENCLOSE A STAMPED SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE to enable us to advise you of the outcome of your application.